Verona Home has been established in Sakarya by Mustafa KÖSEMUSUL in 1988 and started to textile production. Verona Home is proceeding on textile sector constantly from past to today.

Our company has become one of the best and trusthworhty companies in textile businesscombining innovative perspective creative designs, exclusive collections, high quality sensibility andhigh technology fabric machines.

Creativity and exclusive collections monitoring and driving customer’s behaviour andsatisfaction helped the company’s constant and consistent growht and we now reached up to 10.500.000 m2 fabric production yearly.

Our company attends regularly to HEIMTEXTIL/Frankfurt, HEIMTEXTIL/Russia, EVTEKS/Istanbul and INTERTEXTILE /Shanghai fairs. We are supporting our customer collaborations, which had been predicated on reliance, withexclusive collections and quality. 

With this sales strategy, we are carrying our cooperation beyondthe standard.


- To reply customers requirements complete and on time.
- To use our quality as advertisement.
- To get constant and sustained customers by complete customer satisfaction.
- To ensure sustainable quality and work productive & corrective.
- To improve quality consiusness during productione and service.
- To accept team spirit and continuous development as principal and consider legal obligations.


- Protect the environment to have clean and inhabitable nature.
- Considering and following environmental law and legislations.
- To use natural resources, enrgy and raw materials at optimum level and by recycling lower the wastages.
- To take alll necessary precoutions by our staff,customers and suppliers to lower environmental pollution and to improve evironmental concious.

About Verona